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Committed to Excellence

Shay Ramalingam has been an investor in businesses for almost 20 years. He's been involved in turning around a large social care business with an incredible team and purpose. The business today is the second fastest growing specialist healthcare business in the UK. 

Portman is about bringing the insights from 30 transformation projects and observations from a range of hyper successful talented business people and mentors and distilling that into simple and affordable advice for anyone to access.  You could be a sole trader, a GP, a leader of an NDIS or child care profit with purpose organisation, a large company CEO or a professional. There should be a way to grow your revenue, your profit, your customer and employee satisfaction and the value of your business and retirement. It's worth a discussion to help you, your family and all families of all stakeholders connected to you.

One of our unique things are that the fee rates for work are significantly lower than large advisory firms - that is because the purpose of Portman is to help those that want it to achieve incredible things. We also keep our costs really low.

As we bring more advisors into the Portman group (typically business owners), our fee rates will rise (a bit) but please know 10% of the profits from Portman will be reinvested to help orphanages and children's education projects. 

Finding your purpose, and achieving incredible dreams. That's what we're about, and we think you are too. 

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